As It's Told: Le Pie
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As It’s Told: Le Pie

Sarah Pie (better known as Le Pie) is one fierce lady with a story to tell.

Yet if her 2017 EP Sad Girl Theory told us one thing, it was that it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the artist.

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We caught up with Le Pie to discuss her way along the road less travelled and how she pushes past feeling bare on stage.

Le Pie isn’t your conventional pop act. Sarah started out as both a drummer and front woman in numerous punk bands throughout the years, before beginning her solo career and exploring the melodies of pop.

Despite the vulnerability and beauty in her melodies and lyrics, Le Pie often alludes to her punk days with gritty guitars, feeding on every experience possible to create her unique dark, dreamy, indie pop sound.

Demonstrating fragility with an edge that’s impossible to ignore, it’s no wonder fans fall head over heels with Le Pie. But like anyone else, she has to push herself past feeling bare.

“Basically I’ll go through some drama in my life and then I need to work it out, and it comes out in a song. It’s cheap therapy.”

The way up certainly wasn’t easy for Le Pie. From the grimy pubs in early punk bands to struggling financially as a single mother, she has persevered, never forgetting her creative drive.

The hard road is one few take, but Sarah would never have wished it otherwise.

“As a creative, just stay true to what you’re writing and let the audience take it how they want to take it.”


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