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As It’s Told: Sindy Sinn

Even if you haven’t heard of Sydney’s coolest illustrator dude Sindy Sinn, chances are you’ve seen his work.

If you’ve been to Newtown, you’ve pretty much walked through the guy’s giant interactive canvas.

as it's told the kraken black spiced rum sindy sinn

Band designer and all around dude Sindy Sinn has drawn it all. We sat down with the prolific artist to discuss myths, mystery, and following the road less travelled.

Sindy has an exciting illustrating catalogue, with artists such as the Rolling Stones, The Rubens, Parkway Drive, Peking Duk, The Dead Love, and many more enlisting his rad designs for their brand.

Outside of music, he has created countless murals across Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, and is responsible for a ton of the internal artwork in Australia’s best venues. If you set foot into Frankie’s Pizza or Hideaway Bar, you’ll be completely immersed in Sindy’s artwork.

For inspiration, Sindy is big on taking simple designs or ideas and making them something unexpected. Treading the line between normality and absurdity… that’s the aim of his game.

“I was brought up watching lots of horror movies and stuff like that, always taught ‘monsters aren’t real’ and to just laugh it off. I still kind of think monsters are stupid, which is why I enjoy drawing them. You can kind of just make them up.”

Turning art into a job can be difficult for many artists, as clients can add pressure to once relaxing activities, but Sindy doesn’t let this affect his attitude towards his artwork. Sindy has an immense love for his art, and that comes through in every step of the process.

“I think if you’re a creative freelancer it’s really important to have somewhere to go and actually work as part of your process. A time to switch on… it’s actually really hard to act professional if you’re standing at home on the phone in your underpants.”

It seems Sindy really has achieved success and happiness through his work, all while keeping it a little left-of-field. It’s just where he likes it.

“There’s definitely rebellion in my work. Nowadays there’s lots of clean-cut graphic design… I really like hand-drawn, kind of messy, wobbly lines, and putting a bit of human-ness into it. And I also like keeping things a bit weird.”


As It’s Told: Myths & Stories from the Creative Fringes was created in partnership with The Kraken Black Spiced Rum. Watch the full series here.