ASUS Cerberus Gaming Mouse: Gear Review

The ASUS Cerberus gaming mouse is a bargain for those seeking a mid-to-high level mouse at a budget price.

With all the bare essentials of a gaming mouse and more, the Cerberus is ideal for any price-conscious gamer looking to upgrade or replace current gear.

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Designed for agility, comfort, and stability. ASUS’ ambidextrous Cerberus gaming mouse has everything you need in your go-to mouse – without the usual price tag.

Let’s talk performance. With 2500 max DPI and an in-built DPI switch (offering the choice between 500, 1000, 1500, and 2500 DPI), this mouse offers a wider range of sensitivity options than the standard gaming mouse. Most high-end gaming mouses boast ridiculously high sensitivities, even though most games don’t necessarily demand a high DPI. That said, the DPI switch is very handy as some games require instant DPI changes to adapt for different scenarios.

The ASUS Cerberus also features two side buttons to allow for additional macro assignments. Whether it’s item bindings in League of Legends or voice communications in CS:GO, every player will have their own preferences in utilising this feature. As it’s a wired mouse, the response time is instantaneous. The wiring is 1.8m long, more than enough to navigate through any tricky wiring for most PC set-ups.

The mouse has an aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing design, made with comfort in mind. The symmetrical shape allows for ambidextrous control with either hand and its improved rubber side grips means you won’t ever slip again at a crucial moment. And of course, it has LED lighting for extra style.

It’s plug-and-play, meaning there’s no customisation software for this gaming mouse. Whilst this cuts out a lot of the installation and configuration (and let’s you jump into the action immediately), some players may find it slightly off-putting without that extra degree of control. Most configuration software would allow for control over the LED lights, macro commands, and issue troubleshooting. Of course, this can all be replaced with third-party software or in-game configurations.

Whilst it’s definitely not the best mouse out there, it has the features you’ll need and a generous price tag to entice the everyday gamer. Be sure to check out the ASUS Cerberus gaming keyboard to complete the set for a low budget, high performance gaming experience.


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