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AT2020 V and AT2020USB+ V: new limited edition microphones from Audio-Technica

Silver is the new black. Meet the new limited edition AT2020 V and AT2020USB+ V microphones from Audio-Technica.

In the realm of home recording, Audio-Technica‘s condenser microphones are highly respected for their durability and affordability. Now, they’ve released limited silver-coloured editions of their famous AT2020 condenser mic in both XLR and USB configurations: meet the AT2020 V and AT2020USB+ V.

For the first time, the microphone package will include an AT8458 shock mount that helps to eliminate noise, shock and vibration transmitted through mic stands, booms and mounts, lending home recordings an extra professional edge.

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The AT2020 V is a cardioid condenser which is capable of handling a lot of SPL. Though it wouldn’t be your first choice to put in front of a kick drum, it’s still sufficiently nuanced to bring out dynamics and detail of a range of sound sources.

AT2020USB+ V is an easy plug-and-play recording device, that is excellent for both the first-timers and more seasoned users who want a light and easy setup.

With a built-in analogue to digital converter sampling 16-bit, 44.1/48 kHz, the AT2020USB+ V aims to be a one-stop-shop for desktop recording or instruments and vocals, podcasting and more.

For all the details, visit the Audio-Technica website.