Find true bliss in Repeat, the wondrous new single from Athena Joy

A gorgeous mix of soulful vocals and lightly handed electronica, the latest single from Coffs Harbour native Athena Joy is so good we can’t believe that the world hasn’t caught on sooner.

With a similar sound to that of Lapsley, Athena Joy comes up against the slew of wondrous female vocalists who have stepped into the limelight in the past year. Simple with a hint of lyrical complexity, we are really excited to see where this songwriter will go.

Athena Joy

Now based on The Gold Coast, Athena Joy joins the likes of Amy Shark as soulful and poignant songwriting with the backing of clear and simple electronica takes centre stage.

In the artists own words, Repeat represents “the sullen nature of being trapped in a repetitive pattern of human behaviour, stuck between the of fear being hurt and the fear of being alone.”

It’s an emotional pattern we can all connect to and one which speaks perfectly with the strong beat and patterns found within the track’s instrumentation.

The single comes ahead of her long awaited debut EP titled The Blue EP, which is due out mere weeks from now in March. A compendium of personal experiences and deeply touching lyricism, when the time comes around this is sure to be a record to play over and over again.

Repeat captures perfectly the effortless yet heartfelt direction in which Athena Joy is headed. At only 22 years of age, the complexity and deeply profound angles from which she approaches her sonic story is incredible.

This release has us incredibly hyped for what is to come. No doubt an unmissable EP launch is on the cards, as well as a cracker of a record. 2018 is the year that Australia is introduced to Athena Joy and we are on the edge of our seats.