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ATH-SQ1TW is Audio-Technica’s fresh take on true wireless earbuds

Audio-Technica is aiming to make a splash in the earbud world with the ATH-SQ1TW: an affordable and strikingly designed true wireless experience.

Audio-Technica is no stranger to the upper-crust of hi-fi, as well as the realm of pro audio. But to compete with a growing number of brands in the wireless lifestyle arena, it has launched the ATH-SQ1TW earbuds.

And it’s to Audio-Technica’s credit that they’ve gone for something different here — on an aesthetic level at least — for the ATH-SQ1TW boasts a bold, geometric design, and a host of features that the company will hope to make it a portable essential.

Audio-Technica ATH-SQ1TW


In the ever-evolving and rapidly populating field of true wireless earbuds, it takes something special to cut through the noise, as it were. Often, the way the earbuds look is just as important as audio quality. Whereas most of the market has headed toward more rounded contours, the ATH-SQ1TW has gone for something altogether more edgy: squares.

From the top-down, there’s an intriguing 3D sculptural effect at work, with two squares overlapping — one presenting the triangular Audio-Technica logo, with the other helpfully pointing out which ear should accommodate the earbud.

Audio-Technica ATH-SQ1TW

Features and sound

ATH-SQ1TW is designed to appeal to a broad range of casual listeners and as such, it’s packed with features for convenience. Battery life is close to the top of the list for true wireless earbuds and you can almost get through an entire workday streaming constant sound from this pair. Then, you can extend the life of the battery by another 13 hours with the portable charging case.

There are user-friendly touch sensor controls onboard for play-pause, answering calls, and volume adjustment. If you’re indulging in some mobile gaming or zoning out to some videos on the train, there’s also a low-latency mode for ensuring the best syncing to video. And while you’re on the go, there’s a hear-through function for maintaining awareness of your surroundings. It’s also rainproof, just in case you forget your umbrella.

Audio-Technica is a stickler for sound quality and the ATH-SQ1TW exhibits that famously punchy AT tone, with a gradual, pleasant bump in the upper-mids to enhance clarity. These earbuds have 5.8 mm drivers, so don’t expect bone-jarring subs (it’s just not physically possible). There are four eartip sizes that choose from, however, so picking the one that forms the best seal in your ear will guarantee the best possible sound.

For more details, head over to the Audio Technica website.