Thanks to Turnbull, Australian values are up in the air and Twitter users are having a bloody field day

After announcing changes to the citizenship test, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the Federal Governemt was “putting Australian values at the heart of citizenship processes and requirements”.

Australia is in a peculiar space regarding national identity with race, sexuality and gender moving though public discourse. Many Australians have started challenging the definition of ‘Australian values,’ especially one cheeky Twitter account dedicated to Kath & Kim.

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We Can Be Heroes by Chris Lilley

Tim tams? Ja’mie King? Rage? Changes to the new citizenship test has everyone wondering what exactly defines Australia as a nation?

“Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said many of the proposals were reasonable but Labor also described the changes as pandering to the right wing of the Liberal Party. The new measures would see migrants face a tougher citizenship test which will assess their commitment to Australia and their attitudes to religious freedom and gender equality.

Applicants will be asked to demonstrate that they have integrated into Australian society, for example by joining clubs or by providing evidence that they are employed and their children are in school.”

Read the rest of the article here and take the test for yourself here!

Most musos would agree Rage is one of Australia’s most loved TV programs, check out all the buzz for their 30th anniversary party!

Kath and Kim Now is an unofficial account dedicated to imagining what the daily lives of Australia’s favourite family would be now, and even they had a crack at suggesting Australia’s values.

More Twitter had a good ol’ go at suggesting what people, places and things Australians love most: