Awesome humans in Adelaide are giving water to dehydrated Koalas

While a perpetual rain cloud hangs over the east coast, Adelaide is the middle of an insufferable heat wave. Some areas have reported heights of 44 degrees, and the state has broken records with four straight days of temperatures of 40 degrees. Struth mate, forget the chilled tinnie, a gallon of water will do nicely. While people have been scrambling to escape the heat, there are some cuddly Adelaide residents who have been having a tough go of it. Dozens of koalas have been spotted trying to find some water, and there have been plenty of legends keen to help them out.

Speaking to ABC News, Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital director Rae Campbell has said that koalas will get water “Wherever they can get it“. Her team has been working around the clock treating dehydrated koalas, as well as those attacked by dogs after leaving their trees to find water. “There were koalas coming in just all the time, it was wall-to-wall koalas“.

Sweating it out in a coat of fur and no access to a cold fridge is bound to be torture, so if you’re keen to help these critters out Ms Campbell has outlined the best way to do so. “We encourage people to leave a shallow container under trees so they can get a drink without wandering too far,” she said. “If people have a swimming pool, it’s good to leave a rope with an empty bottle tied to the fence and leading into the pool — koalas can swim but they can’t get out of the pool. And if you see a koala looking like it needs a drink, you can also spray it with your hose“.

Already there have been plenty of Radelaide legends who have taken it upon themselves to help out, with punters providing water bowls and spraying koalas when they come upon them.

adelaide heatwave

adelaide heatwave

adelaide heatwave

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Merridy Montarello, Koala coordinator for Fauna Rescue said to follow the following protocol when cooling down koalas.

  • Leave water in a shallow dish, NOT a bucket because baby koalas could fall in and drown.
  • Wet them down! You can use a watering can, a spray bottle, or a hose but try to shower it over them like rain.
  • Avoid touching them! They’re not aggressive but you could frighten them and their claws are sharp.
  • If you have a swimming pool, drop a rope in. Koalas will be drawn to the water and can fall in! But they’re clever lil’ things and can pull themselves out with the rope.
  • If they continue to slouch over and drink water after an extended period of time call the koala hotline on (08) 7226 0017, or call the 24-hour line if you think a koala needs help in general.

If there’s going to be one gift you give this Christmas, then let it be that of some H2O for some thirsty koalas!

This story was first seen on BuzzFeed.