Baba Jenkins ‘LA Party’ serves up equal amounts of alt soul, funk, and purpose

Baba Jenkins releases dynamic track “LA Party!” infused with equal amounts of soul, funk and purpose.

Baba Jenkins is making waves yet again with their latest track, “LA Party!” The alt-soul ensemble has created a potent blend of soul, funk, and pop that is impossible to ignore, and it’s more than just a musical creation—it’s a testament to their commitment to making a difference.

Originating from the diverse hub of the west coast, Baba Jenkins first caught attention with their bluesy debut “Copper,” which gained traction on Spotify and received airplay on respected radio platforms like SiriusXM Tom Petty Radio. With “LA Party!,” they’re taking their sound to new heights.

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There is a lot to love about “LA Party!” It’s infusion of soulful and funk elements creates a contagiously energetic vibe that’s quintessential for dance floor hits. Yet, there’s a deeper layer to this single that adds to its appeal. It’s genuine and heartfelt energy becomes evident upon closer examination, which sheds light on why its resonance is so profound.

The track effectively captures the dynamic spirit of Los Angeles’ bustling nightlife, using its infectious rhythms and an undeniable groove to draw listeners in. It’s an auditory prompt, encouraging you to step onto the dance floor and immerse yourself in the energetic pulse of the city. With every beat, “LA Party!” invites you to let go and become a part of the captivating urban atmosphere.

It’s no wonder that the track has garnered attention and sparked excitement. Its magnetic quality makes it hard to resist, offering a taste of the vibrant energy that Los Angeles is renowned for. From its rhythmic beats to its irresistible groove, “LA Party!” doesn’t just deliver a musical experience—it embodies the lively essence of an unforgettable night out.


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But Baba Jenkins’ impact doesn’t stop at their music. Partnering with the charitable organisation “Sharing Love With Others,” the band is using their platform to make a positive change. Each weekend, they’re providing support and sustenance to over 400 individuals in Los Angeles’ Skid Row community, turning their music into a force for good. To date Baba Jenkins has raised $3000 to those on Skid Row, with the aim to go global with it.

Their dedication goes beyond charity. By channeling funds from ticket sales and merchandise, Baba Jenkins is not only enriching their philanthropic efforts but also setting their sights on a global movement of positivity and transformation.

“LA Party!” is more than a song—it’s a representation of how music and empathy can intertwine to create something meaningful. Baba Jenkins is proving that they’re not just musicians, but advocates for change. So while you’re moving to the rhythms of “LA Party!,” know that you’re also contributing to a larger purpose.