Babaganouj – Shitty Christmas

Over Happy’s Christmas break, the final days of 2013 saw the rise of some truly great Christmas albums overseas – Kelly Clarkson’s Wrapped in Red, Susan Boyle’s Home for Christmas and Bad Religion’s Christmas Songs just to name a few. Closer to home, the silly season saw Brisbane twee/indie band Babaganouj release a cute little five chord number called Shitty Christmas and even though it’s probably the time to forget how crappy your Christmas was, their new single is definitely worth a listen.


For those of you who are familiar with the twee phenomenon, the near sickeningly syrupy refrain “I don’t mind having a shitty, shitty Christmas – as long as it’s with you” should come as no surprise and there should be no need for a barf bag. However, those of you who haven’t read this seminal article/music history essay should prepare yourselves for the daintiest of guitar tickling and bouncy basslines with a healthy, Christmas sized serving of pop delicateness.  If this is not your cup of tea (although most tea drinkers will probably thoroughly enjoy this song) then tune out now. Go listen to Flume or something.

Babaganoj have been around since 2011 and in March last year the Queensland quartet released their debut spoonerific EP Sife Lucks – six simple tracks of Lemonheads meets ツ face meets The Clean meets illustrated Snapchat selfies meets Samsung Galaxy TV advertisements from an alternate Japanese past. Highlights are the squealing guitar solos on It’s Raining It’s Summer and Love Loathe Love You which contrast beautifully against the cleantastic single-coilerific janglegasm that is Pilot Light.

Also found this on their Facebook. Massive lols ensue if you can decode >twf no qt 3.14 Go Violets gf.

If you’re in the Brisness in February, check them out at Trainspotters alongside The Love Junkies and Caroline – details are here and below. In the meantime, reminisce on Christmas past and the lack of egg nawwwg, the inappropriateness of shortbread in the height of summer and the shitty prezzies you didn’t get with Shitty Christmas. Check the group’s bandcamp for the awesome/downer lyrics as well as the chords so you can play it in 11 months time.

February 8th – Trainspotters Brisbane w/ The Love Junkies + Caroline



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