Needle In The Hay

BABY Audio are helping Needle In The Hay plugin to its full potential

BABY Audio allows musicians to manifest their sonic vision, making them ideal partners for Needle In The Hay to plugin to its full potential 

Every craftsman needs their tools. Painters are never far off from their trusty palettes, just as writers would never be caught without their timeworn notebooks.

For musicians, these tools prove even more important, helping to bring their sonic vision to life and manifest the tunes, melodies and riffs that had previously just hovered around their heads. 

BABY Audio NITH sponsor article

Perhaps no other brand understands the importance of quality music gear quite like BABY Audio, the innovative plugin company sponsoring this year’s Needle In The Hay.

Since launching their first plugin — the I Heart NY — in 2019, BABY Audio has kept its foot on the accelerator, debuting more than eight new plugins within just a few short years. 

BABY Audio NITH sponsor article

Only true virtuosos can craft such quality gear within their infancy, but BABY Audio’s greenness in the scene is exactly where its strengths lie.

With a fresh pair of eyes, BABY Audio brings innovation to the fore, combining ease of use with elegant visual designs and an experimental sonic character.

Take, for example, the I Heart NY, a plugin that prioritises ease of use with simple two-knob and one-fader functions. 

BABY Audio NITH sponsor article

For its part, the Parallel Aggressor adds an extra channel of saturation, while the Smooth Operator analyses incoming audio and balances the dynamics across the frequency spectrum in real-time.

BABY Audio also have your vintage and lo-fi tastes covered with the TAIP — ideal for lovers of harmonic distortion and reel-to-reel aficionados — and Super VHS, which allows musicians to experiment with the retroism of VHS. 

Elsewhere, BABY Audio provide room for sonic ambience with their Comeback Kid, Spaced Out and Crystalline plugins, all of which offer a unique take on reverb, delay, and modulation.

BABY Audio NITH sponsor article

Truly no sonic stone is left unturned for BABY Audio, to the point where they even offer a range of free plugins for musicians just wanting to test the waters. 

This Freebies range of five plugins is based on BABY Audio’s premium wares, offering the same excellent sound quality with a little less features and functionality.

What all of it adds up to (the mentioned plugins barely scratch the surface) is a company keenly aware of artists’ need for quality gear, and one best poised to help bring Needle In The Hay to its full resounding glory. 

BABY Audio might even be behind some of the song entrants for NITH, and given their emphasis on exceptional design and innovation, this year’s batch of NITH hopefuls are all the better for it.

Head here for more information on BABY Audio, and find submission details for Needle In The Hay here.