Get yourself to the premiere of Convenience Store’s ‘When Soft Voices Die’ concert film

Convenience Store collapse the boundaries between performance and recording with When Voice Die, a live EP that doubles as a concert film

Few duos are pushing the boundaries of music quite like Convenience Store. With over a dozen singles to their name, the Melbourne project — a brainchild of songwriters and producers Nick Baker and Jack Phillips — are poised to extend upon their artistry this month, in the form of a 29-minute concert film and live EP. 

Titled When Soft Voices Die, the concert film and accompanying EP is pulled from Convenience Store’s headline show at the Evelyn Hotel last September, which itself wrapped up the duo’s national debut tour last year.

As for the content of the show, it sees the pair perform tracks from the namesake EP live, in pursuit of a show that collapses the boundaries between live performance and recorded work.

Boasting 11 tracks, When Soft Voices die finds Convenience Store at their most eclectic, spanning warm indie rock to krautrock stylings and notes of Americana.

In their live delivery of the tracklist at the Evelyn Hotel, the duo were joined by some seven musicians, on a stage designed to imitate the very recording studio in which When Soft Voices Die was conceived. 


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This full-circle approach to music-making reaches its conclusion with the release of When Soft Voices Die as a live EP on January 12.

Prior to that, Convenience Store will premiere the accompanying concert film with a debut showing at Cinema Nova on Thursday, January 11.

Standing as an exemplar of how music and its creation can transcend multiple mediums, When Soft Voices die is a testament to Convenience Store’s innovation and DIY spirit. 

The project adds to an already illustrious few years for the duo, who embarked upon their debut ‘tour of australia’ jaunt last year and dropped a string of stellar singles throughout 2023.

Through it all, it’s Convenience Store’s penchant for great music that shines the brightest, recalling the likes of contemporaries Alex G, Animal Collective, and Big Thief.

Keep an eye out for the release of the live EP When Soft Voices Die on January 12, and head here to score a spot at the accompanying concert film premiere the day prior (January 11).