Back in the public spotlight with a huge Facebook post, Lorde shares the first details of her new album

On the eve of her twentieth birthday, Lorde made rare contact with the public via Facebook. “I was 16 when most of us met…” addressing her long-time fans, she reflects on her first (and only) album, Pure Heroine, which was written in and heavily inspired by her adolescent years. Now, the New Zealand singer crosses the nexus from childhood to adulthood, bringing with her the anticipation for a fresh, new album.

Along with her alluring music, Lorde’s quirky, confident personality made her an international star. During the success of her single Royals and first album, she became besties with Taylor Swift and crew, and was named one of the most influential teens of 2013 by Time Magazine, calling her “a child prodigy” who is “forging her own path.”


Fans are excited to see Lorde’s curly locks emerge from hiding and a lengthy spill on Facebook suggests she’s ready to get back into the spotlight.

Amongst her fame, Lorde dropped under the radar. During her period hidden from the public eye, she focused on herself, stating that “I turned inwards to my friends, my family, towards this moment, so I could learn more about who I was, and so I could let this new project show itself to me.”

Now, Lorde is as inspired and motivated as ever. Although she says “the free handbags dried up LONG ago” the recent post on Facebook says otherwise.

Fans are equally as excited for the new music as Lorde herself. She’s accepted the end of her adolescence as a new, promising creative journey – “What I’m trying to say is: this is a special birthday. The party is about to start. I am about to show you the new world.”

On the release date, she says, “The big day is not tomorrow, or even next month realistically, but soon.”