Banksy shares cheeky latest artwork, isolation style

Anonymous UK artist Banksy is hugely popular for his provoking public street art, but quarantine has forced him to step away from his usual canvas.

Constrained by COVID-19 restrictions, Banksy has taken to the bathroom for his latest artistic endeavour.

Photo – Banksy

Banksy has uploaded his latest work to Instagram, taking his art to more domestic realms – much to his wife’s disapproval.

The Bristol-based artist is known for his politically-charged works, often commenting on the state of current events. His subversive art sometimes provokes rather extreme reactions, such as his Valentine’s Day piece this year, which was defaced after only 2 days. Yet his latest offering proves a little more playful. Perhaps he’s practising escapism from the lonely implications of quarantine.

Taking to Instagram, Banksy uploaded five photos of his new work, along with the caption: “My wife hates it when I work from home.”

The photos depict a series of rats coming to life in what is presumably Banksy’s own bathroom. Drawn in Banksy’s signature stencil style, there’s one squirting toothpaste at the wall, one running on top of a toilet roll, and one even peeing on the toilet seat. You get the idea. The uninhibited havoc explains the cheeky caption.


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. . My wife hates it when I work from home.

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