Bare Jams recall a summertime fling on blissful new single ‘Orange Sunshine’

With its mellow guitar melodies and shimmering keys, Bare Jams’ ‘Orange Sunshine’ is every bit as resplendent as its title suggests. 

Bare Jams have offered an ultimate summertime ditty in the form of ‘Orange Sunshine’, the latest single lifted from the band’s forthcoming sophomore album.

Every bit as blissful and mellow as its title suggests, ‘Orange Sunshine’ coasts on sunlit guitar melodies, warm synths and subtle percussive groove.

Bare Jams single 'Orange Sunshine'

There’s a leisurely pacing to the track, with candid vocal delivery and a carefree air that seems purpose-built for an afternoon bike ride.

It’s tricky to evoke such a vivid aesthetic through the mere lick of a guitar, but Bare Jams instantly place listeners in a glowy reverie with a few simple flourishes.

From airy vocal harmonies that levitate with a breeze to twinkling synth flairs that feel ripped from a daydream, ‘Orange Sunshine’ masters the feel-good factor, to the point where your worries might simply float away.  

It’s the kind of track you’d spin by the pool or at the beach, or while meandering through a leafy retreat at noon.

Bare Jams single 'Orange Sunshine'

Much of this distinct sonic feel — which later comes to include subtle horn sections and shimmering piano keys — boils down to bandmate Ollie Coombes’ enrapturing vocals, which are so warm and buttery you could probably spread them on toast. 

Bare Jams pair this wholesome tune with equally heartening lyrics, as the band recall a summer fling filled with drunken kisses, backseat trysts and “growing with the flowers.”

Speaking of the track in a press statement, Bare Jams said ‘Orange Flowers’ is about how “stumbling into love and allowing it to happen isn’t always a bad idea. [It’s] a song of appreciation for the people and the moments you have around you.”

Bare Jams single 'Orange Sunshine'

While the single alone is destined for infinite replays, it’s only just the beginning. ‘Orange Sunshine’ is lifted from ‘No Rain. No Flowers.’, the band’s upcoming album set for release later this year.

The project, a follow-up to the 2020 debut ‘This ‘n’ That’, is said to be one of optimism and perseverance, tracing the band as they keep loved ones close and strive for perpetual hope. 

In the meantime, get swept up in the mellow reveries of Bar Jams’ new single ‘Orange Sunshine’ below.