Stigma unleash rock’s raw power on latest EP ‘First Call’

German band Stigma sketch new contours of their genre on the teeth-baring EP ‘First Call’ 

Stigma have proven the versatility of rock music on their latest electrifying EP, ‘First Call’.

Spanning five tracks, the blistering project traces the German four-piece from moments of romantic chemistry to pain and loss, as bound by their mastery of rock in all its teeth-baring glory.

Stigma EP 'First Call'
Stigma guitarist Markus. Credit: Chris Reichl

The EP opens with the screechy guitar strums of ‘Fire’, a classic rock and roll cut that immediately recalls the likes of AC/DC.

The thunderous percussion of drummer Bernie and commanding vocals of Gerald give ‘Fire’ an insatiable gritty energy, to the point where you can imagine it blaring from the speakers of a dingy garage studio.

For all its rock elements, ‘Fire’ possesses an ear for more melodic moments, with an infectious “fire, fire, fire” and Gerald’s charismatic delivery.

Later, the song makes room for a searing solo courtesy of guitarist Markus, before the EP heads to new territory on ‘Arabian Nights’. 

Drawing inspiration from the location of its title, the track brims with desert-bound, Arabian melodies, showcasing Stigma’s versatility in treading all terrains within the rock umbrella.

This diversity continues on ‘Obsession’, a fusion of surf rock licks and metal-like vocals. Here, the band flit between anthemic pop punk choruses and nimble electric moments with finesse, all while reflecting on the dangers of becoming obsessive. 

This knack for incisive storytelling, which remains a throughline across the entire EP, is perhaps best felt on ‘Spanish Pride’, a track that sees Stigma embark on a historical odyssey “for gold and glory,” only to later grapple with the aftermath of their conquests.

It’s a generations-spanning tale that serves as a testament to the band’s vivid lyricism, and their efforts culminate on EP closer ‘Fallen Angel’. 


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Perhaps the closest you’ll get to a rock ballad, the final track finds Stigma at their most vulnerable, waxing philosophical on pain and a loveless existence.

“I’m the fallen angel,” Gerald pines on the stirring hook, “I no longer smell the sand that surrounds me entirely.” It’s a poignant end to the musical journey that is ‘First Call’, with Stigma emerging as an example of rock music’s true versatility.       

‘First Call’ is the follow up to Stigma’s 2022 debut EP ‘Last Order’, a project which catapulted the German band to stages across the world.

The quartet are known for their electrifying stage presence and boundary-shattering sound, and with an EP like ‘First Call’, it’s easy to see why. 

Listen to Stigma’s latest EP ‘First Call’ below.