Battlefield 2042’s secret multiplayer modes have been leaked

Respected Battlefield 2042 leaker, Tom Henderson, has dropped some juicy new details about the classified game modes in a recent video.

After jaw-dropping E3 gameplay reveals, it’s safe to say that Battlefield 2042 is one of the most anticipated games of 2021. Fans are heralding it as a return to Battlefield’s roots; all-out warfare, massive-scale maps, and levels of chaotic destruction never before seen. 

Although we got a stunning five minutes of gameplay, there is still a bit of mystery shrouding the upcoming title. In a somewhat controversial decision, DICE told its fan that there will not be a single-player campaign. Instead, the studio has been focusing its efforts on bringing a reimagined Battlefield multiplayer experience to its loyal fanbase. 

Specialist from Battlefield 2042
Image: EA / DICE

As of now, the only verified information is in regards to the ‘All-Out Warfare’ modes. This see’s the return of reimagined Conquest and Rush experience which you can read more about here. However, in the early hours of this morning, British leaker Tom Henderson spilt the beans on the two classified game modes; Battlefield Hub and Hazard Zone. 

Battlefield Hub, as claimed by Henderson, is a free-to-play sandbox experience. This experience will tie together all the elements or their previous games in a remastered package. If it sounds confusing, it’s because it is. It’s unprecedented. The example Henderson gives is:

“Imagine a Battlefield 1 Mark V tank against a Battlefield 3 M1A2 tank on Siege of Shanghai”

What Henderson is describing here is DICE incorporating vehicles, weapons, and maps from a variety of different Battlefield games that have been set throughout multiple eras. A fusion of all titles that yeets historical accuracy out of the window, creating a completely reimagined experience. 

As of now, the only information DICE has provided towards this speculated game mode, is that it’s a “Love letter to our core fans, a new way to play Battlefield is coming. Discover unexpected battles and enter the wide universe of Battlefield with this experience.”

Now, please take this information with a grain of salt as they are unverified leaks. However with Henderson’s track record and how well this concept fits into DICE’s statement, we wouldn’t be surprised if the rumours are true. 

Secondly, the Hazard Zone game mode is rumoured to be closer to Escape From Tarkov than a traditional Battle Royale. In Escape from Tarkov players enter into a zone with one life, scavenge for new loot, before extracting.

DICE recently stated that the mode is not a Battle Royal,  helping clear up the speculation. Rumours are stating that this game mode will be able to house 100 players and will also be free to play. 


Battlefield 2042 will be launching on October 22nd on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.