A hard rock/metal revival is just around the corner in the Australian music world right now (can you feel it?). You may have noticed such an occurrence with bands like DZ Deathrays and Royal Blood just growing in excessive popularity. Well, another band to tune into on the scene is Beastwars (not the Transformers movie).

The band are a Kiwi sludge metal four-piece with enough grunt and attitude to take them the distance.

beastwarsCan you think of a more metal album name than Blood Becomes Fire? No, neither can I. Beastwars do not fuck around. Prepare yourselves.

They’ve released a solid 9-tracker entitled Blood Becomes Fire (sooo metal!). The band manages to pull off a really hard feat: producing individual sounding tracks to avoid ‘same-song-ed-ness’ without meandering too far from their stock sound as a band. Grungy and dirty, the vocals churl throughout each track almost in an attempt, to compliment the bass rather than overpower it in any way.

In fact, Beastwars are worth listening to almost solely for the riffs. Most importantly though is the feeling of anguish in each of their tracks – a vibe that is wholly captured and emotively believable.

To put it simply, Beastwars are everything you could want from a grunge metal band. The following this band has achieved so far is unequivocally deserved and are very worth catching live.

Beastwars will be playing on Saturday June 21 at the Rough Peel Records Opening Party in Wellington. That’s in New Zealand I’m afraid dear Aussie readers. And guess what… its FREE. More details here.



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