What does falling in love sound like? Become infatuated with Minimal Miggy’s new offering Euphoria

Minimal Miggy is a producer, composer and drummer native to Sydney, proving that Australian hip-hop is a force to be reckoned with as the scene continues to pump out a ton of talented artists.

Minimal Miggy’s freshly squeezed new single Euphoria is a smooth transition between electronica, hip hop and jazz, featuring Michaela Baranov, Ben Goldstein and Ari Levy. The dreamy new track was produced mid-2017 and conveys a narrative of those inner battles we all experience when falling for someone.

Having worked as a professional drummer for more than 10 years, Minimal Miggy has finally developed a diverse and authentic new offering of his own.

Touching on themes such as vulnerability, infatuation and a lack of confidence, Euphoria is oozing with an infectious melody, charismatic vocals and of course, hard-hitting drums.

Drawing on strong pop influences such as Fat Freddy’s Drop, Kaytranada and Joey Bada$$, David Goldberg (Minimal Miggy) was passionate about music before he could walk. Inspired by his roots in Cape Town, Goldberg was exposed to an array of genres and afro influences, before he moved to Sydney at 14 years of age.

After working and touring for years, Goldberg felt empowered to make his own mark on Australia’s diverse musical landscape, giving birth to Minimal Miggy in 2017. Collaborating with close friends and artists, Goldberg stumbled across Michaela Baranov who was a perfect fit for the shimmering new number.

The raw and honest track reveals a narrative of falling head over heels, wading through the emotions we often fail to confess in real life. Allowing collaborators and featured artists to incorporate their own style and voice, Euphoria is the result of Goldberg’s unbound creative direction.

The velvety smooth track instinctively flows from start to finish, with glistening synths and passionate, lustful vocals.