Who are the most exciting hip hop artists in Australia right now? We asked Morgs from Thundamentals

More and more, Australia is rearing its head as a hip hop powerhouse. Aside from the heavyweights who have always dominated the genre, a new wave of Aussie MCs have well and truly emerged, a rising force that’s downright deadly.

Thundamentals have been kicking around for over a decade, boasting front row seats to this phenomena. We tee’d up a chat with DJ Morgs recently to get an insider’s view on the new wave, asking him to share who he thought were the upcoming artists to watch.

Take it away, Morgs.

thundamentals a weekend in the gardens

“There are so many talented new artists around right now. Many are pushing musical boundaries and are uniquely different in their own way.”

I’m loving Triple One from Sydney. They have fully developed their own style and sound, and have original, awesome clips. Other acts I’m feeling on a similar wave are Manu Crooks, B-wise and Cult Shotta. All of which are uniquely different and pushing modern hip hop in Australia.

Sampa the Great, Remi, Tkay Maidza have all been really exciting to watch. All have great live shows and have put out super consistent artistic work throughout their young careers.

As well as new artists, I’m always excited for acts I have followed for years. Acts like Drapht, HTH, the whole One Day crew, to name a few, are still pushing themselves in exciting ways and have progressed so far.

It definitely keeps me on my toes with all this amazing music coming out around me.


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