Beer is accidentally pouring from kitchen taps in Kerala, India

The beer is on-tap and on-the-house in Kerala, India, after authorities polluted the local water supply.

In a modern retelling of the classic water into wine story, residents of the Solomon’s Avenue Apartments woke on Monday morning to find booze flowing from their kitchen taps.

Photo: Dani Hansen

Residents of an apartment complex in Kerala were treated to free booze, straight from the tap, after local authorities polluted their water supply.

The house liquor turned out to be a not-so-delicious cocktail of expired beer, brandy, and rum that had polluted the apartment complex’s water supply. The incident occurred after authorities dumped over 6000 litres of old grog into a large trench near the building, causing it to leak through the ground and spike the well.

“We were so shocked,” apartment complex owner Joshy Maliyekkal told the press about the ordeal. “The children couldn’t go to school and even their parents couldn’t go to work.” 

For nearly 24 hours, 18 families were left without water and over 20,000 litres of fresh water was polluted. Authorities had seized the offending alcohol over six years ago, following the closure of a local bar.

Despite what recent events suggest, Kerala is a dry state. The sale of alcohol was completely prohibited in 2014, with restrictions relaxing in 2017 to allow hotels with a three star or higher rating to serve. However, Kerala still somehow tops India’s drinking charts, with more alcohol reportedly consumed per capita than any other state.