Before the King deliver pure indie-rock on their new single ‘Argentina’

On their latest single, Before The King stitch a playbook of our modern world, bringing positivity every step of the way.

I’m just going to put it out there, 2020 has been pretty crap. It doesn’t look like the festivities are slowing down either. For months it looked like there was nothing that could possibly redeem this clusterf*ck of a new year… until now. Meet Argentina, the punchy new single from Before The King.

This is a track that doesn’t hold anything back, slapping you across the face with unbridled energy and rhythm. It’s a single to party to, to sink into, and to drink to all at once.

before the king

From beginning to end, Before The King make their presence known. Argentina wastes no time in bursting through with a sweltering, guitar-driven chorus and its uptempo beats. Punchy and bright, its one of those songs that just makes you feel better on a crap day.

Coupled with an air-tight rhythm section and deeply thoughtful lyrics, the band bring out a hopeful sense of wanderlust in this track, making us want to jump in the car and head out on a roadtrip.


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“Before the King’s latest single, ‘Argentina’, is an up-tempo, life-affirming song, bursting at the seams with positivity and euphoria – a modern medicine to our modern cynicism,” the band’s bio explains. “Before the King aim to show that while we search for the solutions to the world’s problems in dusty treaties, voting ballots and complicated legal hearings, the answer to our disillusionment will always lie within ourselves. The pulsing energy and therapeutic power of music is just there to make sure we don’t forget it.”

Looking for the next track to add to your summer playlist? Look no further than Before the King.

Check out the track below: