Behold! Ja Rule features in the greatest kebab shop ad of all time

Following a few years of flying under the radar (following the epic failure that was Fyre Festival), poor Ja Rule has been scraping the bottom of the barrel.

But today, the man has featured in an amazing new advertisement for LA’s Papa Cristo’s Greek Grill. Seriously, this thing is magic.

Ja Rule’s latest appearance in an ad for Greek food has left the meme community laughing, as well as one of the rapper’s biggest enemies. 

The ad sees the rapper wearing an “I Love Greece” T-shirt, praising the Greek restaurant for having the “best motherf*cking gyros,” also passionately declaring that the food at Papa Cristo’s is so “goddamn good”, “you can’t even pronounce [it]”. We are going to lie though, this ad will leave you unquestionably hungry. Watch the ad below. 

Of course, long-time nemesis 50 Cent has to weigh in on Ja Rule’s latest offering. Taking to Twitter, he said: 

“This is what happens when you f*k with me, i’ll have you and your whole label selling Gyro’s go ahead try me!”

Ja Rule’s beef with 50 Cent goes back more than twenty years after one of 50 Cent’s friend’s robbed a chain from Ja Rule. The years following has seen a number of nasty pranks between the two, including 50 Cent buying a huge number of tickets to Ja Rule’s shows, just so that he would be performing to an empty crowd. 

While the advert is certainly laughable, Ja Rule has claimed that he wanted to use the video to show support for a small restaurant during the COVID-19 pandemic.