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Behringer launches a new semi modular synth: Crave

Behringer has been blowing minds across the world of late with their budget-friendly clones of immortal synths and drum machines. The Crave semi-modular synth, however, is their latest original offering. There are, however, a couple of nods to classics of the past.

It’s a brave move to not necessarily rely on the classic tropes that has been a hallmark of their recent offerings. With Crave, Behringer has offered up something that’s unabashedly new, with features that are designed to make it slot into a decidedly 21st-century workflow, with a fresh colour scheme and overall aesthetic to match.
behringer crave

The Behringer Crave is a semi-modular desktop unit, complete with a newly designed sequencer, classic filter and VCO – primed to slot into a Eurorack system.

The synth will carry the 3340 VCO, which is also found in their Neutron and the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. Also on board is the ladder filter found in their Model D, originally made famous by Moog.

Central to its performance credentials is its ability to transpose sequences via MIDI. This means that you can shift sequences all over a MIDI keyboard with ease.

The release date is yet to be confirmed, but the Crave will come in at $199 USD.

Check out the demo below: