Bella Bevan takes to the seas on glittery debut EP ‘High Tides’

Bella Bevan’s debut EP High Tides reads like a travelogue, tracing both her own jet-setting experiences and the reaches of her dance-pop sound. 

Bella Bevan has released her debut EP High Tides, a three-track collection of disco-pop that reads like a travelogue of Melbourne musician’s worldly adventures.

Produced by Bevan’s brother Ethan, the EP revels in the rich experiences that come with travelling, anchored by both an affinity for glittery pop sounds and Bella’s own experiences performing on luxury cruise ships. 

Bella Bevan EP 'High Tides'

High Tides opens with the Carribean-infused fantasia that is Miles Apart. Showcasing her rich and timbered vocals, Bevan sings of long-distance relationships in between tropical Marimba beats.

The beach-ready soundscape places listeners in a sunlit reverie, as Bevan muses on remaining connected to a lover despite being “oceans away.” 

Bella Bevan EP 'High Tides'

Through it all, it’s Bevan’s vocals that shine the brightest, flitting between melodies like the gentle rhythm of waves on the shoreline.

Dipping into poppy electronica on second track Sail On My Own, Bevan successfully delivers a dance floor-filler brimming with glitchy production and spacey synth sections. 

Smuggling heady themes into an otherwise carefree sound, Bevan uses vivid images of sailing as a metaphor for steering her own ship towards independence.

“Finally freed your chains on me,” she croons in a shining moment of freedom, “you said forever but I changed my mind.” 

Bella Bevan EP 'High Tides'

Like any great dance pop gem, Sail On My Own makes use of an earworm hook and distorted choral vocals, ensuring the track will remain in your head long after your first listen.

Bevan’s travels conclude on The In-Between, an EP closer that forefronts a more intimate sound without sacrificing danceability. Coasting on a slower groove, The In-Between aligns with the EP’s electronic sound while treading new territories like soft house.

Bella Bevan EP 'High Tides'

In a style reminiscent of vintage Kylie Minogue, Bevan sings tenderly of the transitional periods of her late-twenties, as punctuated by sing-along harmonies, echoed vocals and a steady foot-tapping beat. 

Such a clear vision of sonic direction is perhaps to be expected from Bevan, who has years of experience performing across the globe.

On stage, Bevan has taken on theatre roles to critical acclaim in London, and has elsewhere journeyed across international waters as a cruise ship performer. 

Bella Bevan EP 'High Tides'

“Creating and promoting my own work continues to be the hardest thing I have ever done,” Bevan said in a press statement, “but I do it because the personal rewards are priceless.”

Travel from the beach to the club with Bella Bevan’s debut EP High Tides below.