Premiere: Paul The Kid takes to the skies in music video for new single ‘Off the Plane’

NZ musician Paul The Kid gets swept up in wanderlust in the jet-setting music video for his new single Off the Plane. 

Paul The Kid has debuted the music video for his new single, Off the Plane. Written in 2009, the track marks Paul The Kid’s first official release since 2021, and details the New Zealand musician’s heartache in the wake of a breakup. 

Opening with soft acoustic guitar, Off the Plane coasts on a warm energy enhanced by the subtle tinkle of tambourines. Despite its lovelorn subject matter, the single maintains a sunny disposition with the assist of doo-wop backing harmonies and fuzzy surf-rock flairs. 

Paul The Kid single 'Off the Plane'

Smuggling rich and intimate lyricism into the otherwise joyous production, Paul The Kid laments having “no idea about what to do,” before ultimately revelling in the freedom that comes with singledom. 

Comparing life’s obstacles to an aeroplane commute, Paul The Kid accepts his fate as a “passenger of the greatest of rides,” with the ascendent chorus cementing his place in the skies.

“I’m never getting off the plane,” he declares in raspy vocals, “‘coz there’s more and more to do these days.”

Paul The Kid single 'Off the Plane'

“I wrote this song way back in 2009 after my Italian girlfriend broke up with me after I had just arrived back from visiting her in Italy,” Paul The Kid explained in a press statement. “It’s about loss of love, how friends are the most important and how we are all in this life together.” 

Off the Plane is accompanied by an official music video which premiered today. The self-directed clip documents Paul The Kid’s worldly travels, tracing the musician from sunlit cliff jumps to underwater retreats.

Paul The Kid maintains an infectious smile throughout all his journeys, as if ticking off a bucket list that spans from the Colosseum to the campsites of faraway festivals.

Go on a vicarious adventure with the official Off the Plane music video above, and scroll down to listen to the new Paul The Kid single in full.