Belligerent Goat give us a Christmas to remember on their new track ‘Ol’ St Nick’

On their new music video, the boys from Belligerent Goat will melt your brain and feed you psych-rock goodness.

If you ask me, Christmas is feral. The albums are shit, your mum force-feeds you leftovers until you spew, and you get way too stressed about what to buy that friend-of-a-friend who you got tossed in Secret Santa. Scented candles? Socks? All I know is that they have an unhealthy obsession with almond milk and hooked up with my tinder date once.

Anyway, I digress. Belligerent Goat seem to share my musings on the festive season and have chucked us a spicy new video to accompany.

Belligerent Goat

Satanic symbolism aside, Belligerent Goat have unleashed a solid-gold masterpiece on Ol’ St Nick. The grooves are tasty, the riffs are palpable, and the vibes are immaculate. In the music video to end all music videos, the band take their vision one step further.

Their mind-melting choruses are paired with an Avante-Garde tale of Santa’s extra-curricular activities; most notably psychedelics, bush doofs, and light bondage. Overtop, the band belt out a smooth and sharp brand of psych-rock that swirls and cascades in glistening tones.


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It’s this imagination that will make you fall in love with the Brisbane outfit. With their full-length debut album on the horizon, we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see what Belligerent Goat unveil next.

Do yourselves a favour and jump in below: