NSW Government announce that 50% of local court magistrates will be female

The NSW Local Court is making strides towards achieving gender parity as the government announces four new female magistrates.

Following the appointment of barristers Kirralee Tennant, Melissa Humphreys, Justin Peach and solicitors Nicole Ford and Robyn Richardson, almost fifty per cent of NSW Local Court magistrates will now be female.

Images of Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elle Woods from Legally Blonde come to mind as the total number of women on the Local Court is brought up to a record 69.

Robyn Richardson

“I’ve learned from the women who have come before me…It’s a great privilege and an honour for me to be one of the women that the court has appointed,” leading criminal defence lawyer Robyn Richardson told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Attorney General Mark Speakman welcomed the historic change with open arms, saying that: “It is heartening to see the gender gap closing further in the upper echelons of the traditionally male-dominated justice system, recognising the deep reservoir of legal talent among females in the profession.” 

Mr Speakman’s comments are echoed by former Crown prosecutor Justin Peach, the fifth magistrate to be appointed, and father of young girls who said: “it’s important to me to see that the world that they grow up in and make their careers in is a world that treats them with equality and respect.”

Once again, the answer to Beyonce‘s famous question: “Who run the world?” is and always will be “Girls.”