Lunchtime are pure punk energy on their new single ‘All In a Row’

Adhering to their own brand of kitsch, Lunchtime brilliantly herald Aussie punk rhetoric on their new track.

Slinky, convulsive chants enclose around a chorus that’s hard to shake and, for a band the that’s hardly backed themselves into a genre-specific corner, punk fits like snug leather jacket on four-piece Lunchtime. Divulging into heavier territories on their latest track All in a Row, they’ve also transcended heavy rotation on local and digital radio. Having supported the likes of These New South Wales and RAAVE TAPES, if you’re not already across Lunchtime, it’s time you took your lunch hour and threw a listen.

Keeping the ’90s grunge aesthetic alive, twins Constance and Eden Grafos have injected some kick-ass female licks to the boys club scene. Laid bare, the fuzzed-out guitars on All in a Row are anything but jaded. Exuberant and jarringly energising, they leave no stone unturned by the sheer electricity channelling throughout.

Photo: Tiffany Costello @tiffcostmedia

Forming back in 2016, the formation has seen a few reshuffles. It was alongside guitarist Lachlan Quinn and drummer Tim Ward that All in a Row was fleshed out. Despite their new endeavours to look for a replacement guitarist, they seem to have really hit their stride with this lineup. Their chemistry is captured in the tracks short and sharp fuse. Seemingly racing to the finish line, All in a Row storms the figurative capital.

Notoriously shocking, Lunchtime build a ferocious wall of excitement. Spitfire drums catapult verse into chorus and its undeniable that these songs were moulded for the stage. Recorded in their lounge room, we hope Lunchtime don’t share too many walls. Timothy Wheaton perfectly mixed and mastered All in a Row in a way that’s kept all the integrity of an honest punk hit.


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Not ones to idolise romance, All in a Row speaks to the unfaithful. There’s no time for forgiveness as Lunchtime declare that they’ll “take this to the grave”. At least here, holding a grudge maintains its zealous appeal. Fans of Tired Lion and WAAX should look no further for their new favourite band.

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