Belly Announces Surprise New Album Supporting Palestinian Aid

The Palestinian-Canadian rapper will donate proceeds from his surprise new album to support Palestinian aid amidst humanitarian crisis

Ahmad Balshe, known as Belly, took to social media yesterday to announce the surprise release of his new album 96 Miles From Bethlehem. 

This is exciting news for fans, who have been waiting for the Roc Nation artist to drop another album since the success of See You Next Wednesday in 2021.

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The album will drop tomorrow, with the instagram post also announcing that “profits from the album and merch will be donated to Gaza, the WestBank and other affected areas around Palestine”

The Palestinian-Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer has been outspoken about his support of Palestine since the crisis began in October, so it’s no surprise to see his continued support.

the artists also dropped a new song called Patience vs Patients yesterday. The Track calls out the government’s inaction towards the conflict in Palestine.

Kill us in broad day, then they blame the deceased / There was no change, even when we came with receipts / Cause we gave ’em to a nation of sheep“.

Incredibly moving, the track is a testament to Belly’s talent as a writer.

Belly is not the only artist who has spoken out against the attacks on Palestine.

Macklemore’s latest single, ‘Hinds Hall’, calls out American president Joe Biden with “the blood is on your hands”.

Long-time collaborator The Weeknd, who worked with Belly on his last album, has also made substantial donations towards Palestinian aid amidst the ongoing conflict.

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