Ben Abraham – Sirens

Are you having trouble sleeping? Is inspiration lacking? Is there love in the air that needs some affirming? Do you need some clarity in this troublesome world you live in? This folk artist will help you alleviate the boxes you’ve ticked ‘yes’ to in the questionnaire, or if you’re like me and this is the sort of music you sleep or run, cry or smile to, then you will be more than satisfied with this debut offering from a Melbournian singer-songwriter.

ben abraham

Melbourne’s Ben Abraham and his debut LP, is a beautiful collection of relaxed acoustic folk with a focus on intense atmospheres to suit the cinema.

Ben Abraham creates the sort of music that turns the bad guys good – it can penetrate and interrupt a person’s train of throught, tapping into their vulnerable side and forcing them to feel remorseful at the damage they have done in a blind fit of jealousy. It is also suited to ‘coming of age’ movies where the protagonist overcomes their tribulations, or Disney films where the characters rejoice in the freedom of their journey. It’s not called “cinematic folk” for nothing.

Fill your ears with the refreshing and lush acoustic sound of Ben Abraham, with his moving and soulful vocals that carry a hint of a Aussie/British accent, perfectly suited to laying down uncomplicated yet heavily burdened lyrics. With the main instruments of piano and acoustic guitars, and feature instruments such as brass in To Love Someone , strings in Speak and percussion in Somebody’s Mother, a space of sustained and composed lament is pure and clear. The opening title track, Sirens, is spellbinding with its heavenly choir-like harmonies.

Ben Abraham’s first album Sirens, took seven years to write and two years to record. It was produced by Jono Steer (Ainslie Wills) and percussionist Leigh Fisher (Kirkis, Washington) and also features artists Gotye, Gossling, Tim Shiel and Ryan Meeking from Whitaker, with American singer-songwriter, Sara Barellies, featuring on the track This Is On Me.

I think my iTunes playlist knows me better than I know myself. As I was trying to think of artists that reflect the style of Ben Abraham, I played the last song on the album which was A Quiet Prayer, and then three of the following artists appeared one after the other on ‘shuffle’. I think this was a sign… if you like Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Ben Howard, or Ben Folds (yes those three artists!*), Patrick James, Matt Corby, HOWQUA, or James Vincent McMorrow especially in his album Early In The Morning, then Ben Abrahams might just be up your alley, or he will fit so perfectly in your music playlist (or mine for that matter) it’s like he was always there.

Expect a stunningly beautiful, untainted compilation of folk music. Although there isn’t much unique experimentation with the genre, the strong focus on grand atmospheric soundscapes makes up for things. In other words, it won’t quite revolutionise the world, but it will easily move and better the people in it. The album Sirens was released late November last year, so it is ready for your attention as soon as you’d like.

*Jen, I don’t think your iTunes was on ‘shuffle’, all the artist start with “B”. Also, I think you need to buy the full albums of these artists since the you mentioned you heard each of them being played consecutively…