Listen in awe to the picture Ben Gaze paints in his indie rock debut

From lead guitarist to solo artist, 22-year-old Ben Gaze has released his debut single Last Night, amplifying his indie-rock calibre.

Newly solo artist Ben Gaze has exploded from his band roots as a lead guitarist to deliver his debut single Last Night

The track bursts with nostalgic rock energy, bleeding with an electric bass line and hard-hitting vocals. Gaze’s multi-faceted talents are just darn impressive.

Ben Gaze

Last Night, crafted by the 22-year-old New Zealander, is a literal rupture of desire to create music. One cannot help but Gaze in awe at the song, drawing you into the familiar dreams of Alex Turner singing for Arctic Monkeys.

The song misleadingly echoes through a studio rock vortex, when in reality it was recorded in the confines of Gaze’s bedroom. The artist would alternate between capturing vocals in his car, to painting bass riffs with his Fender Strat.


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Gaze alludes that the track was deeply inspired by his artistic conundrum of sacrificing music to sustain a functioning relationship. The song circulates around an electronic tune that Gaze is ignoring; “I’m running from my mind and I really gotta leave”.

Eventually the song hits with some climatic reverb, like glass shattering through a roof as Gaze repeats “I just wanna be myself again, I just wanna be myself”.

What is most impressive about the track is the picture it so vividly paints – as clear as Gaze’s vocals you can immediately feel the timeless Oasis-styled melody and rapture of the energetic tune.

Coming from his role as lead guitarist in former band VanGrove, Gaze takes the creative experience with both hands and holds on tightly as he creates Last Night, fuelling it with the gumption of some timeless indie rock.

Have a listen to Ben Gaze’s debut single below: