TikToker accidentally sends mum a sex tape through Google Photos

TikToker accidentally sends mum a sex tape through Google Photos

TikToker, Kara Tonin accidentally sent her mother a sex tape… all thanks to Google’s breakthrough facial recognition feature.

So yeah, it’s official – facial recognition has put our nudes at risk!

Pedestrian TV has highlighted the story of TikToker, Kara Tonin, who accidentally sent her mother a sex tape she and her partner made. Cheers to the life-changing (for better and worst) facial recognition feature.

Google Photos Sex Tape
Image: Business Insider

But, how the hell did this happen? Well, when you search a person’s name on Google Photos, the feature pulls up every single photo and video of that person that it’s ‘recognised’. Google can also generate an album of that person to share with friends, family, whoever.

Well, Kara did just that – she created an album of her son to share with her mum. Meaning, each time she takes a photo of him, her mum is automatically notified.

Recently, Kara and her partner wanted to spice things up in their relationship by doing “unspeakable, ungodly things” – as she describes their sex tape that’s talked about in her ‘PSA’ TikTok video. Basically, the sex tape was filmed in the kitchen (… relatable), and a small photo of her son is pinned up on the fridge. You do the maths…

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Google Photos had picked up the face and updated Kara’s mum. YIKES. Why is technology against us!?

Kara ends the TikTok video apologising to her mum – even though, in our opinion, Google should perhaps apologise.

But, our favourite comment from the video has to be: “You were just trying to show your mum that were trying to have another kid.

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