The latest optical illusion debate: The colour of this cursed caravan

And we’re back with another colour debate. This time, the internet is battling over ‘what the hell is the colour of this caravan?’

Well, we are going to join this debate over a caravan. We won’t lie; these types of viral internet sensations tickle our fancy too. And no, we’re not better than that.

Aussie Tiktok user, RetroViscountReno (account owned by Spencer Porter from Victoria) has uploaded a video asking the world that itching question about their 1970s Viscount caravan they’ve been renovating: “What colour is it?”

Tik Tok Screenshot
Image: Screenshot via RetroViscountReno

IFL Science pointed out that many in comment sections worldwide think that the motorhome is “off-white on top and mint green on the bottom“, and then several others claim it’s “grey with pink at the bottom“. Honestly, we absolutely don’t see pink. We see light grey at the top and baby blue on the bottom.

@retroviscountrenoWhat colour is out Retro Van? #fyp #renovation♬ SugarCrash! – ElyOtto

Spencer assured everyone was incorrect by revealing the actual colours to news.com.au: white and green.

He told news.com.au: “I said, ‘oh that’s a really nice white and blue caravan’ and then my partner said, ‘no it’s pink and white’, so we had a little argument there. Then we showed the in-laws and they saw something different too, so we quickly realised everyone had a different perspective as to what it was.

It‘s just bizarre“…”But, at the end of day, the bare-bones colour is white and green.

According to IFL Science, the reason for optical illusions surrounding colours is often “a matter of lighting and a phenomenon known as chromatic adaptation“. Apparently, our interpretation of the colour of an object, or a dress from 2015, is simply formed by “its context, typically its surrounding” colour. This is where the confusion arises.

Every viewpoint is valid, so we urge you to not get too feisty with those who see pink. They’re people too, you know.

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Image: YouTube