Ben Khan

Okay first things first, I don’t think this Ben Khan has any relation to 70’s singer Chaka Khan. What I do know is that this guy is one smooth killer who pulls off floral blocking like no one else. If you’re into J-Dilla or Burial, or you’ve been playing GTA5 way too much and you’re getting into Jai Paul’s track Jasmine while listening to the radio in your virtual stolen car, add Ben Khan to your list.

ben khan musicIf you’re a fan of that Lyn Collins “yeah, whoo!” sample, then you’ll be peachy keen on British electronic producer Ben Khan and his track Youth.

From reading up on this guy, it seems like Ben Khan keeps his cards close to his chest – he’s an artist with a lot of mystery, someone who refuses to play the game and in turn is keeping his style intact. This fact alone keeps me intrigued, while Ben Khan lets his music do the talking for him. He’s a young twenty-something dude based in London, making an electro concoction of rooted R&B, shimmering synth work and experimental sounds.

For all you basic bitches out there, listen to his track Youth. It’s a great poppy tune and has a fun groove that will ease you into exploring more of his music. It also has a *stunning video clip, flashing lights, hints of youthful angst and other insane weird awesomeness. You can tell by his video clips and artwork, he’s into some sort of creative design. The lyrics themselves are a well crafted poem conjuring up the same themes and images.

Graduate to songs like Eden and Savage, which I’m really digging. With fat slow-jam bass, sick rough guitar licks, and the well placed strategic handclaps, you’ll be loving this guy in no time. Ben Khan produces his tracks well. Every instrument has a purpose, is well thought out and feels carefully arranged. His synth work is exceptional, with great tone and memorable riffs.

His 1992 EP is a sweet piece of work that you should be sure to check out.

*Hot brooding blonde chick at 2:41



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