Bendigo Autumn Music festival has been cancelled

Red Square Music today has announced the cancellation of Bendigo Autumn Music festival.

The inaugural festival was expected to run from Thursday the 25th April to Sunday the 28th April and was set to host a bunch of amazing artists including Kurt Vile and The Violators, Mojo Juju, Cash Savage And The Last Drinks , Saskwatch and Emily Wurramurra.

Photo: Evan Malcolm

Bendigo Autumn Music festival has been cancelled due to low ticket sales. The event was hosting a number of great artists including Kurt Vile And the Violators, Mojo Juju and Saskwatch.

Director of the festival Glenn Wright said:

“We started work on this event over two years ago with a vision that the event would be a brilliant addition to the City of Bendigo’s cultural fabric and regional Victoria’s music festival calendar.

Red Square Music has invested a large amount of money and many, many hundreds of hours on the event, in the belief that the event would be an amazing success. We had an amazing location and fabulous venues, and an incredible lineup, as well as good media coverage, extensive advertising and promotion.

However, after tickets being on sale for eight months, and with only 30 days until the event we have had to face the reality that ticket sales are far lower than expected.

As the director of the company that was producing the event I feel absolutely gutted, but also feel it my responsibility to cancel the festival 4 weeks out in order to give artists, those that did purchase tickets, and partners adequate notice in order to limit the loss of an event that simply didn’t achieve its desired objective, being the sale of enough tickets to make the event financially viable.”

Those who had bought tickets to the festival will be contacted shortly for details regarding a full refund.