Bernie Sanders has a Red Hot Chili Peppers poster in his home office

Global quarantine has undoubtedly turned the world on its head, in more ways than one. And perhaps one of the more trivial changes is the increased use of video conferencing technology giving us a newound chance to glimpse inside the homes of all kinds of people.

While live streams, zoom calls, and webinars have given us a peek into the lives of various musicians, celebrities and politicians, a discovery in Senator Bernie Sanders’ office has left us particularly excited. 

Senator Bernie Sanders has a Red Hot Chilli Peppers poster hanging in his office, along with a Prince bass head. Now, that’s cool. 

The music memorabilia was quickly spotted in the background of Senator Sanders’ office, during an essential hearing surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. To his left was a specially framed Red Hot Chilli Peppers poster, and by his right hung a bass drum head from New Power Generation, the backing band of Prince

Of course, we all know that Bernie is a die-hard fan of both bands. The Senator has previously recruited both the Chilli Peppers and New Power Generation to perform at his presidential rallies, making both the poster and drum head fitting decorations for the room. Not to mention the fact that they emphasise just how bad-arse Sanders is. 

Sanders puts rock ‘n’ roll into his politics like it’s nobody’s business, with his presidential rallies functioned as a showcase of some of America’s finest artists. The Strokes, Public Enemy, Vampire Weekend and Jack White are just a few of the stars to grace the stage in support of Sanders. This was an excellent way for Sanders to encourage America’s younger demographic to become politically active and vote. In doing this, he has become a significant icon of democratic socialism.

Earlier this year, Senator Bernie Sanders officially concluded his presidential campaign; however, he has remained active politically and within the public eye.