Mid-week weather report: things are looking decidedly mild, according to BOM 

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) recently reported that we’re in for a real wet one this winter, with a 60-85% chance of higher rainfall between June and August for most of the country, and an even higher chance for southeast and central ‘Oz.

Yet the rains aren’t here just yet and this week temperatures around the country are looking fairly mild – and by mild I mean not too hot and not too cold, scientifically speaking.

Photo: Greg Rosenke

It’s starting to get colder but it’s not over yet: be sure to make the most of the mild weather this month because BOM has spoken and…*winter is coming*.

So far temperatures have been fairly average in Sydney this week, with the rest of the week looking to be much the same. Tomorrow will be slightly cooler, with a top of 18 degrees, whilst Friday and Saturday are both set to have a top of 20 degrees. There’s a possibility of a shower or two over the next two days, but other than that it’s expected to be cloudy.

Meanwhile, in Melbourne things are slightly cooler (not literally!), with a top of 15 degrees for a cloudy Thursday and a partly-cloudy Friday, getting a bit warmer for a sunny Saturday with 17 degrees.

Adelaide‘s sitting in between the two, with a top of 16 degrees for the next two days, and the temperature is expected to rise to 19 degrees on Saturday. A cloudy day tomorrow will dissipate for a sunny end of the week.

Perth is still feeling pretty balmy and mostly sunny right now, with a max of 26 degrees tomorrow. Although the rest of the week will see the city getting a little cooler, dropping down to 23 degrees on Friday and 22 degrees on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Darwin is sweating it up in the high 30s, with the city expected to see a hot 33 degrees tomorrow, followed by two days of 34. Mostly sunny.

Finally, Brisbane is sitting around 25 degrees for tomorrow and Friday, and 24 for Saturday. There’s a slight chance of showers tomorrow.

That’s all for the weather around the country. Enjoy it before we descend into the deep dark depths of a wet (but surprisingly warm) winter. In the meantime, check out this compilation of weather-related fails.

Just kidding. There’s Hobart too, silly. BOM says things are looking up for our most southern pals, who can expect a partly cloudy day of 16 degrees tomorrow, warming up to 17 for Friday and a sunny Saturday.

Now that’s really it. Stay safe out there, kids.