Time to dust off your umbrellas: BOM predicts it’s going to be a wet winter

Whilst there is little rain predicted for the next 8 days, The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has said that this winter is set to be wetter than most for much of the country.

Yet despite seeing more rain, BOM has also predicted that some parts will experience a warmer than average winter.

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BOM has predicted that this winter is set to be a wet one, with higher than average rainfall and higher than average temperatures in some parts of the country.

Reporting in their climate outlooks, BOM described that June to August were likely to be wetter than average for most of Australia, with most areas seeing a 65-80% chance, and southeast and central Australia seeing even higher.

BOM also reported that winter days were likely to be warmer than average in northern Australia, as well as along the east coast, and down to Tasmania. However, if you’re in South Australia, northwest Victoria or southwest NSW don’t expect a warmer winter, as you’re more likely to have cooler winter days. However, if you’re not one for the cold there is some good news: night-time temperatures look likely to be warmer than average across the country from June to August.

“Winter days are likely to be warmer than average across northern and eastern Australia with areas in the southeast to the west of the Divide likely to see cooler days. Winter nights are very likely to be warmer than average nationwide,” BOM described.

In the meantime, the next week is set to be relatively dry across the nation.

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