Heart Beach have sculpted new soundscapes on their recent run of singles

Hobart duo Heart Beach have been on a steady ascent for the past couple of years. Following the release of their acclaimed self-titled debut album, the duo have been delving into new stylistic expressions.

Their recent run of singles, including Elastic, Together, Cliffhanger and the brand new Other Side shine through with a refined emotional hit.

Heart Beach

Drawing parallels between indie and noise rock, Heart Beach have released four singles that each showcase the group’s unique elements.

The songs were written while the band were based out of Montreal. After moving back to Footscray in Melbourne in 2018, they decided to expand their musical horizons. Claire McCarthy and Jonathon McCarthy, the original duo, have now been joined by Christopher Campbell behind the kit.

All four of the new songs are linked by their genesis in Montreal along with artist Sean Gordon creating artworks for each track. Each individual song shines in its refined expression. The clarity on each allows the melodies handled by both Claire and Jonathon to stand above the thumping build of the instrumentation, most beautifully handled on Elastic.

The tracks are sparse, yet the instruments manage to create a wave-like effect, clearly seen on the track Cliffhanger. Other Side maintains a steady build while handling feedback chaos as a perfect background to the powerful melodies.

With previous record releases signed to Spunk! Records, we can only hope to hear more from the band. Their distinctive sound is only expanding, which can only mean incredible things are on the horizon.

In the meantime, do yourself a favour and listen to their most recent run of singles below: