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The 10 best computer speakers that you can listen to in 2021

Computer user and an audio junkie? Here are the 10 best computer speakers to upgrade your office or battlestation.

Headphones are great, but if you’re diving into a long haul gaming session, or setting up your home office and prefer a little more sonic comfort, computer speakers are definitely the way to go.

But even if you only have a cursory interest in sound, you’ll realise that not all speakers are created equal. If you’re a gamer, you’ll be acutely aware of the importance of full-spectrum sound for enjoyment and competition. Plus, with so many of us working from home nowadays, we can augment our computer’s audio with great speakers for day-to-day office tasks too. So if you want your system to sound its best, let’s take a closer look at 10 of the very best computer speakers you can get in 2021.

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Razer Nommo

Razer is an industry leader in PC gaming peripherals, so it’s no surprise that its speakers have caught the eye and ear. These cleverly designed speakers have an aesthetic that lends itself to gaming, but that shouldn’t necessarily turn off other users.

They are redolent of cannons, firing the sound at you through full range three-inch drivers. Almost too easy to set up and control, they’re perfect for gaming and movie sessions.


Audioengine A2+

Audioengine is a Texan company that has made waves in recent times with a wide selection of speakers for hi-fi systems, home theatre, and more. The A2+ is desktop-sized speaker that punches well above its weight in size and price range.

With 2.75-inch drivers, it’s a small package that’s perfect for almost any computer application (as well as many others owing to its ample connectivity), with a style that makes them look like they’ve been plucked straight from the recording studio.


Logitech Z533

Like Razer, Logitech is one of the big players in the peripheral scene and the Z533 offers up a no-fuss desktop audio solution that’s almost unbeatable value for money.

Got an RCA cable? You can use that to plug just about anything into these diminutive computer speakers. In fact they’re so small and powerful, you’ll be tempted to put them in your backpack and take them anywhere you go.


Harmon Kardon Soundsticks 4

Heading back to the office soon? The Harmon Kardon Soundsticks 4 rig will definitely make an impression. Maybe they’re on the bulky side for the average desktop, but you’ve got the space, it’s a great option.

And while the look is key to the charm of Harmon Kardon speakers, the company takes audio seriously too, with clear and powerful full-spectrum sound emanating from the stereo sticks and dome subwoofer.


Razer Nommo Pro

Enjoy the Razer Nommo sound and want to take it up a notch or two? The Nommo Pro does that by adding more components to this set of computer speakers, extending the frequency coverage at both ends of the spectrum.

A silk-woven tweeter is added to the mid-highs for upper-frequency detail. Then a downward-firing subwoofer completes the array, punching out incredible powerful bass, all the way down to 35 Hz.


Edifier M3200

A bit like Audioengine, Edifier’s niche is speakers — crafting systems that are suitable for pretty much anywhere in the home or at the office. Its M3200 offers up a sleek and easy-to-use full range audio solution for your desktop.

The classy satellite speakers look like vases next to your computer screen and the system features a very elegant remote control for plugging in auxiliary sources and headphones. All for a pretty great price too.


Logitech Z407

The Z407 not only makes a great set of computer speakers but a great hub for your casual listening too. Why? Bluetooth connectivity and a wireless remote control dial.

The dial itself warrants further exploration. Its 20-metre range is a win for sure, plus, you can adjust volume and bass, as well as play, pause, and mute. Perfect if you need more flexibility in your audio setup.


Creative Pebble

If you’re strapped for cash, you could do a lot worse than picking up a set of Creative Pebble speakers. These small speakers with a robust sound are perfect for desktop settings and listening at close quarters.

Sure, you won’t get the same level of connectivity as some of the pricier rigs on this list, but the real kicker is this: it comes with a sub! So if you want a 2.1 system with unmatched bang-for-your-buck, look no further.


Bose Companion 2 Series III

If there was any such thing as ‘classic’ computer speakers, this pair from Bose surely fits the bill. Understated, good value, and perfectly sized to nestle in on your desktop.

There’s no additional sub for this rig, but if you need speakers that you know are going to sound the same in decades to come, this easy-to-use system has got to be high on your audition list.


Logitech Z623

For audio junkies who desire a little more oomph at their desktop or battlestation, the Logitech Z623 has you covered. The total output from this rig weighs in at 400 watts (peak), so if it’s immersion you’re after, the THX-certified Z623 is for you.

That said, the satellite speakers are still small enough to fit comfortably on any desktop, while the sub can fit snugly under your desk. With ample connections, it could easily become a multimedia hub too.