Here are GTA’s Top 20 Tracks – Warning: You may leave work early to hit up the PS5

Rev your engines and dive into a little virtual nostalgia care of twenty of the best GTA tracks

The GTA aka Grand Theft Auto series has long been celebrated for its immersive open-world experience, and a significant part of that allure comes from its stellar soundtracks.

Whether you’re tearing through the streets of Liberty City or soaking in the sun-soaked vibes of Vice City, Rockstar Games never fails to curate a musical journey that enhances the gaming experience.

gta 6 song

Here’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane with the 20 best songs you’ve ever heard in GTA:

Hall & Oates – “Out of Touch” (Vice City) Cruising down the neon-lit streets of Vice City with this ’80s classic in the background is an experience like no other.

ELO – Evil Woman – (IV) The ominous vibes of this Electric Light Orchestra hit perfectly complement the gritty atmosphere of Liberty City.

Rage Against The Machine – “Killing in the Name” (San Andreas) Causing virtual chaos while listening to Rage Against The Machine is the ultimate stress-relief in San Andreas.

Run DMC – “Rock Box” (Vice City) Vice City’s eclectic soundtrack gets a dose of hip-hop royalty with this Run DMC gem.

Soundgarden – “Rusty Cage” (San Andreas)  Chris Cornell’s gritty vocals set the tone for intense moments in the ever-evolving world of GTA.

Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg – “Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang” (San Andreas) Cruising through Los Santos with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg blaring through the speakers—GTA perfection.

Toto – “Hold the Line” (GTA San Andreas) K-DST’s classic rock vibes are epitomized by Toto’s anthem—a staple for GTA radio nostalgia.

Panama – “Always” (V) Radio Mirror Park’s indie tunes get a boost with Panama’s dreamy soundscape.

Steve Winwood – “Higher Love” (Vice City) Vice City’s ’80s glamour meets Steve Winwood’s timeless vocals—a match made in virtual heaven.

Paul Engemann – “Push It to the Limit” (III) Every GTA player knows that when this track hits, it’s time to push the virtual boundaries.

Rod Stewart – “Young Turks” (San Andreas) K-DST strikes again with Rod Stewart’s classic, creating an iconic GTA radio moment.

The Who – “Eminence Front” (San Andreas)K-DST continues its rock legacy with The Who’s timeless anthem.

Stevie Nicks – “Edge of Seventeen” (IV) Perfectly captures the essence of drama and intensity with Stevie Nicks’ iconic track.

Corey Hart – “Sunglasses at Night” (Vice City)Vice City’s Wave 103 gets a dose of cool with Corey Hart’s synth-pop masterpiece.

Blondie – “Atomic” (Vice City) perfectly encapsules the era’s new wave sound.

America – “Horse With No Name” (San Andreas)Escape with America to the virtual desert landscapes of San Andreas.

Flock Of Seagulls – “I Ran” (Vice City) Flock Of Seagulls’ infectious energy naisl the GTA ethos – run baby run.

Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder – “Together in Electric Dreams”  (Vice City) A synth-pop masterpiece that transports players into the futuristic realms of GTA’s virtual universe.

Living Colour – Cult of Personality’ (San Andreas)  A sonic powerhouse blending rock, funk, and social commentary.

These songs aren’t just part of the GTA soundtrack; they’re the sonic memories that have accompanied players through countless missions, heists, and virtual adventures.

As Rockstar Games continues to push the boundaries of gaming, one thing remains constant—the timeless magic of a killer soundtrack.