Three NZ/Aussie artists we are digging right now

Bounce your way into Monday with some new music from three artists hailing from NZ and Aus

RIIKI REID kicks things off with her pop perfect Māori, Samoan, Latvian, and Scottish sounds. DHEM brings a fresh perspective, mixing Aussie Hip Hop, UK Grime, Afrobeat, and Amapiano in his latest track ‘Midnight Flex.’

Then there’s King Ibis, a laid-back indie-rock band from Perth, with their new single ‘Cooling Embers’ capturing life’s ups and downs. These tunes are the perfect way to ease into the week, so hit play and let the good times roll.

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First up is RIIKI REID (Ngāti Porou), a dynamic artist bringing together her Māori, Samoan, Latvian, and Scottish roots into music. Starting her musical journey in 2019 as RIIKI, she has since evolved from her sugary indie-pop tunes, and taken her music to the next level. Her recently released EP, ‘SKIN,’ features standout tracks like ‘Home With Me’ and ‘Like You,’ a collaboration with label mates Balu Brigada. They are total gems.


Next in line is DHEM, an Aussie artist, producer, and DJ injecting a breath of fresh air into the music scene. His latest track, ‘Midnight Flex,’ a collaborative masterpiece with TBG (South Africa) and Benny the Greek (Sydney). The song effortlessly fuses Australian Hip Hop, UK Grime, Afrobeat, and Amapiano, celebrating the cultural exchange between these talented artists. Keep an eye out for the upcoming music video, promising a visual tour of each artist’s hometown.

King Ibis

Last but not least, we have King Ibis, an indie-rock band hailing from Perth, known for their melancholic melodies. Their newest single, ‘Cooling Embers,’ beautifully captures the challenges of sustaining passion in long-term relationships and careers. Something we can all relate to – especially on a Monday.

With classic Aussie rock vocals by Nadene Burchell and rich instrumentation by a very tight band, the future of Aussie music is in good hands.

Having opened for Coldplay and gearing up for their first east coast tour, King Ibis has shared the stage with a stack of other notable Aussie acts. The music video for ‘Cooling Embers’ perfectly encapsulates the complexities of life’s adventure to a T.

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