Happy Friday Staff Picks: Forest Claudette, King Krule and many more

Welcome back to Happy Mag’s Staffs Picks, where every Friday we highlight our favourite new music releases from the past week. 

Another Friday comes to pass and the weekend awaits, we’ve made it friends! Before we clock off and crack a cold one, we have got another week’s worth of amazing new music releases to share with you.

From the highly-anticipated new album from Battlesnake, to stunning new singles by Forest Claudette, King Krule, and our very own Kylie, we have got some real treats for you today; so without further ado, let’s get into that sweet sweet music.

forest claudette

Kylie Minogue  — Padum Padum

Kylie Minogue’s new song, “Padam Padam,” is a popping, dance-infused sweet tune that mirrors the sweetness of the songstress herself, serving as a heartbeat of an infectious thumper.

King Krule  — If Only It Was Your Warmth

King Krule delights fans with the release of the new single and stunning video, ‘If Only It Was Warmth,’ offering a taste of the highly anticipated upcoming album Space Heavy, set to be released on Friday, 9th June.

Forest Claudette  — Two Years

Forest Claudette announces the forthcoming EP “Everything Was Green” and shares the new single “Two Years” (May 19), blending captivating vocals, reverberating synths, and trippy guitar flourishes to explore the impact of everyday decisions, accompanied by a visually striking video that juxtaposes introspective musings with mundane motions.

Elle Shimada — About Blank ____

With a unique fusion of Drum n Bass, textured soundscapes, and cinematic compositions, Shimada showcases her genre-bending prowess while collaborating with vocalist Rara Zulu to delve into the raw and relatable experiences of strong, independent women navigating vulnerability and emotions.

Long Beard — Posters

A delightful gem of indie pop, Long Beard brings together the captivating essence of Japanese Breakfast and the enchanting vibes of Postal Service, resulting in a truly irresistible musical experience.

Battlesnake — I am the Vomit

Battlesnake embarks on a July and August tour to celebrate their newly released self-titled debut album, delivering a fiery combination of roaring guitars and driving rhythms that will leave you forever hooked, especially after hearing the powerful anthem ‘I Am The Maggot’—there’s no turning back; you’ll be a lifelong fan.

Maple Glider — Don’t Kiss Me

Maple Glider returns with ‘Don’t Kiss Me,’ her highly anticipated new track following the success of her debut album “To Enjoy is the Only Thing,” offering a powerful slow-building sound that confronts unwanted attention and objectification, evoking a range of emotions for Australian audiences, while also hinting at an upcoming album in 2023.

Kitba — My Words Don’t Work

Kitba is a total mood, delving into the nuanced joys and sorrows of adulthood, as succinctly described by the artist themselves: “It is about my relationship with myself.” Indie experimental pop at its best.

Sharifa — Weird

18-year-old prodigy Sharifa mesmerizes with his genre-blending debut track, WEIRD. With influences ranging from alternative rap to pop and R&B, his idiosyncratic style creates a captivating and unfamiliar atmosphere, delving into dark metaphors and themes of identity and outcastedness. Get ready to be captivated by Sharifa’s unique sound.

Fire From the Gods — Be Free

Austin, TX-based rock group FIRE FROM THE GODS have released their new EP, “Soul Revolution: Acoustic Vibes,” featuring four acoustic singles from their acclaimed 2022 album “Soul Revolution,” accompanied by a heartfelt music video for the acoustic version of “Be Free” showcasing fan-submitted content.

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