Foo Fighters’ dedicate new album to Taylor Hawkins and Virginia Grohl

In a poignant gesture of love and remembrance, Foo Fighters have dedicated their highly anticipated album, ‘But Here We Are,’ to the late drummer Taylor Hawkins and the beloved mother of frontman Dave Grohl, Virginia Hanlon Grohl.

Foo Fighters’ highly anticipated album, ‘But Here We Are,’ carries a poignant dedication to their late drummer, Taylor Hawkins, and frontman Dave Grohl’s late mother, Virginia Hanlon Grohl.

This forthcoming record, slated for release on June 2 through Roswell Records/Columbia Records, serves as their first musical offering since Taylor Hawkins’ passing in 2022. Fans can already pre-order the album in anticipation.

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A glimpse into the album’s design was recently shared by Brooklyn-based graphic arts studio Morning Breath Inc., the masterminds behind the physical packaging. The revealed design features a heartfelt dedication that simply states, “For Virginia and Taylor.” Morning Breath Inc. expressed their deep honor in collaborating with Foo Fighters and described the album’s design as an exploration of minimalism and new techniques involving white-on-white printing.

Upon seeing this dedication, fans and music enthusiasts are touched by the profound love and respect the Foo Fighters have for their late drummer and Dave Grohl’s mother, further deepening their anticipation for the album’s release.

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