LANES Top 5 Acts in Perth Right Now

Fresh off the release of LANES’ newest single ‘Green,’ we delve into the alt indie rockers’ top five Perth bands.

Hailing from Perth, Australia, LANES, the alt-indie rock artist, fearlessly plunges into the depths of his inner cosmos, emerging with a musical perspective on the universe that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Influenced by Perth’s own Tame Impala, LANES is driven by an insatiable desire for personal and artistic growth, resulting in creations that are both introspective and captivating.  Let’s explore LANES’ personal selection of the top five Perth bands that have caught his attention.


Perth, a city tucked away in Western Australia, might seem like a remote outpost in the global music landscape, but its vibrant music scene has been quietly producing some of the most intriguing bands of the past decade.

Known for its isolation and unique cultural context, Perth has birthed a distinctive sound that resonates with both its local community and international listeners.

Perth’s music scene continues to prove that great music can emerge from even the most unlikely of places. LANES‘ selection of top Perth bands showcases the city’s diverse sonic landscape and highlights the exceptional talent within.

From the genre-bending sounds of Tied Down and Scream Mountain to the captivating voices of Angie Coleman and the electrifying energy of Lazer Gator, and the intricate harmonies of Ghost Care, Perth’s music scene remains vibrant and worthy of exploration.

Tied Down perth bands

Tied Down

These guys are some of the biggest legends you will ever meet! They have such a distinct blend of indie-rock and craft such clever and sonically pleasing songs. Unafraid to touch on all sides of emotional themes, these guys wear their hearts on their sleeves and I’m here for it.

Scream Mountain perth bands

Scream Mountain

I have had the pleasure of playing with these guys a couple of times now and the level of composition and musicianship between them is very impressive. They have a super tight live show and take a very DIY approach to recording their studio tracks too, yet the quality and production of their tracks are always polished and on point for their alt-indie genre.

Angie Coleman best perth bands

Angie Coleman

One of the biggest and most captivating voices in Perth right now. I’ve seen Angie play a few times now and while her songs hold merit in their own right solo, when she plays with her band it just brings everything to life in such a magical way. Dealing with such earnest and raw emotional content, there is a lot to love in Angie’s music.

Lazer Gator

Lazer Gator

Another amazing group of humans and completely unique blend of genres that is unapologetically, Lazer Gator. Mixing raw, almost modern-blues inspired guitar tones and marrying it with creative rap and melodic spoken vocals, these guys bring seriously contagious energy to every stage they grace.

ghost care best perth bands

Ghost Care

A powerhouse trio with a beautiful blend of harmonies and clever songwriting, these guys are on a one-way upwards trajectory and it’s easy to see why. It’s refreshing to come across music these days that takes you to unexpected places, in a really good way and that’s what it feels like when I listen to Ghost Care. I thoroughly enjoy every minute of it, no matter where it takes me.