Paul Salem releases warm debut single Sun

Paul Salem transports listeners into a dreamlike realm with his ethereal single “Sun,” where acoustic melodies and soulful vocals intertwine in a captivating dance of love and introspection.

Sydney based songwriter Paul Salem aims to create a dreamy soundscape with his new single Sun, depicting the ebbs and flows of love and intimacy with a Ben Howard inspired acoustic guitar and a Pete Murray-esque vocal. 

Citing Matt Corby as a primary influence, Salem channels his own vulnerability and honesty, introspective and indecisive, though full of wanting. Sun is smooth and patient in its outset, though Salem immediately plays with the energy he has created with a second verse tempo change.

paul salem

A little bit Mumford And Sons, but mostly just Salem himself, there’s almost a psych rock sound to the production of Sun, particularly in its chorus. It’s an unexpected journey, but one that feels true to the human experience. Salem’s dynamic shifts only further serve the track and highlight his ability as a storyteller. 

There are multiple climaxes throughout Sun, and multiple points of poignant rest. With lightly bongo sounding percussion and a sharp acoustic guitar, Salem creates a vast and lush soundscape. As an artist, Salem shines with his ability to manipulate structure, making each abrupt left turn feel seamless yet never anticipated.There is an excitement to Sun, an apprehension for what is to come and what feeling will be drawn from Salem’s gravelly vocal. 

Salem melds a sense of classic acoustic dreaminess with a modern penchant for a more pop leaning sensibility. It’s a successful blend that renders Salem in a unique position; an array of genres to play with, all the while remaining unique to himself. Sun itself is a love song, one that delves into feelings both rational and irrational, however fleeting or permanent. Salem succeeds in embodying a journey, a clear beginning, middle and end exists inside Sun

Salem exudes a sense of authentic musicianship. Sun was produced by Blake Rochester, featuring Daniel Croft on drums. This seems to be a perfect storm of creators. Unified in their goal and explorative in their individual contributions. Most notably, Salem’s personality is tangible through his music.

There’s a sense of welcoming and understanding, not to mention Salem’s capacity to write both charming and relatable lyrics. Salem himself gives off a sense of warmth, and with Sun, he shows himself as a capable – if not exceedingly – songwriter. 

Listen to Sun below. 

Review by Caitlin Norris