FIVE Underrated Artists : As Told By Bianca Blakk

RnB Queen Bianca Blakk shares her top five underrated artists and discusses how their music has inspired her.

17-year-old Bianca Blakk is a fiercely talented singer-songwriter hailing from Australia’s West Coast. She dived into the world of songwriting at the age of seven, drawing from a wide range of genres for inspiration, especially pop and RnB.

She has been so dedicated to her passions and the joy that she finds in making music that she moved to do high school online in 2020, giving herself the flexibility to graduate this year with a high school diploma, music production certificate, Cert 3 in Music Business and a debut EP, Angel Skin. The EP follows the journey from feeling unaffected to feeling heartbroken, a journal of how she has felt over the past couple of years and what she’s experienced first and second-hand. 

She’s been smashing it in the music world!

Below she has shared her top five underrated artists and how they inspire her music. With genres like RnB, 90s rap and neo-soul, she discusses how these musicians’ use of percussion, harmonies, performance and production continue to light the fire in her musical heart.

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FIVE Underrated Artists: As Told By Bianca Blakk

Nezi Momodu

Stand-out Tracks: N.E.Z, The Pound

The Nigerian-born, Dallas-based, Nezi Momodu released her third album, The Pound, in late 2022. The album boasts heavy 90s rap, R&B and Dallas influences, with only one feature, giving Nezi the spotlight her flow deserves. Nezi brings the music scene the much-anticipated rise of a female rapper with timeless lyricisms of substance and dirt. Nezi acknowledges her influences by paying homage to Missy Elliot in her music video for the lead single from the album, N.E.Z. N.E.Z.

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Mariah The Scientist

Stand-out tracks: Note to You, Not a Love Song

Although she has gone on to release substantially more popular work since, Mariah The Scientist’s 2019 debut album, Master, remains my favourite modern album. Master showcases Mariah’s enchanting lyricism and hypnotizing vocals, similar to SZA’s personal writing style. Although she has gone on to find considerable underground success with her more recent work, Master remains her best work in both lyricism, vocals and production, her attention to detail and perfectionism evident.

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Coco O.

Stand out Tracks: Gwen, Bled For You

Danish singer, songwriter and producer Coco O. has the most angelic voice I’ve ever heard. Her songwriting is inclusive of many live instruments, percussion, and harmonies of the neo-soul genre. It’s the type of music you could listen to at an intimate dinner, whilst driving on a summer’s day, or whilst winding down for the evening. Coco O.’s voice is a wonder in itself, a wonder that was recognized when her song Gwen was sampled by Lil Baby in his 2022 song California Breeze.

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Jesse James Solomon

Stand-out tracks: Under the Sun, Don’t Make Me

Hailing from London, Jesse has been identified as a ‘UK underground gem’. The inclusion of live instruments, especially piano and guitar, in his low-key rap increases the appeal of his blasé tone. My favourite project of his (with only two to choose from), is his 2018 project, Strata. The night-time vibe of Strata compliments Jesse’s tone and romantic lyricism. Even in his grime tracks, Jesse maintains his voice; gentle, observant, but direct.

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King Ivy

Stand Out Track: Complicated

Our first Aussie feature, King Ivy makes it onto the list with only two official singles. The songwriting and production on his tracks could be described as a fusion of RnB and hip-hop, bearing similarities to American collective, Brockhampton. Ivy’s sound brings a new angle on the over-saturated market of similar-sounding Aussie pop music, and gives us something to look forward to in the Australian’s future music trajectory.

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Bianca Blakk

Stand Out Tracks: Selfish with Young Pascal, Bittersweet

Australian singer, songwriter and producer; Bianca Blakk. Her debut EP Angel Skin, released in late 2022, celebrates the fusion of RnB with alternative Pop to create her intergalactic sound. If you want to keep up to date with my fave tracks, old and new, my monthly playlist link is below!