Big Smoke premiere their new video for Try A Little Love

Love is a hard concept to try nail down. An absurd statement to make you may say, considering how often we are pelted over the head with the ‘meaning’ of love from a variety of  books and films; it makes you see rainbows, it makes you feel warm and fuzzy, it heals all scars, it changes you for the better, yada yada yada. Sure, it’s capable of all these things, but in truth, love is hard.

I’m not referring to heartbreak, but the act of continuously loving is a tough one. It takes time, energy and patience. It’s a test of character, and for the most part is for the better. It’s not often these feelings are captured well in music videos, but the guys from Big Smoke have pulled a rabbit out of the hat in their new clip for Try A Little Love. Or rather, a cat.

Big Smoke

Will cats Nermal and Patricia ever share the stage again? Will love prevail? Find out in this premiere of the new video for Big Smoke’s Try A Little Love.

In case you didn’t know them already, Big Smoke are a three piece folk-rock band from Melbourne. We’re only a quarter the way into 2015 and the boys have already recorded an EP, signed to First Love Records and are currently on tour in support of their latest single Try A Little Love. The track itself is a gentle little ballad. It’s not a typical ballad that seeks to woo another, but a song to encourage one’s self that love is worth letting in despite the hardship and chance of bitter rejection. “Don’t be denied, you should try a little love/ I think it’s time you can try a little love”. The lyrics a fairly simple but they’re honest. The gentle strumming sets an intimate mood, while the harmonies in the chorus really hit the spot. It’s a song for the lovelorn, and the clip does a great job of demonstrating that.

The video for Try A Little Love was directed by the band’s own Adrian Slattery and the concept he has executed is a clever one. Rather than feature two bored looking 20-somethings, a more comical approach is taken featuring two cats instead. Nermal and Patricia are two cats (Patricia is actually a stuffed toy cat), who star in online videos. They’ve won numerous awards such as Cutest Couple and Best Online Friends. Once their popularity starts to wane the star couple’s relationship hits the rocks and they go their separate ways. As Patricia’s career soars Nermal is left alone, angry, and searching for meaning in his life. Yes, we’re still talking about a video that stars cats.

The fallout of their relationship is explored through a montage of news reports from reputable sources such as The Puffington Post, and even though they’re cats you can’t help but feel a little sad when they part ways. The use of montage helps in this regard. What is also effective is the use of close-ups on Patricia and Nermal. It establishes an emotional connection that you wouldn’t expect. Especially on the fake Patricia, the lingering shots on this stuffed cat’s face with the song in the background echoes the emptiness the character feels. If only these two could try a little love!

It’s a killer concept and a refreshing take on this kind of story.

If you like what you’re hearing the band have one more show in Sydney tomorrow April 9, so be sure to head on down to Marly Bar in Newtown to see Big Smoke play with Pops and Tipper and the Old Mates.