Billie Eilish kicks off world tour by calling out body shamers

International pop star Billie Eilish has called out body shamers and sexism in a stylised, eerie and utterly brilliant interlude to her 22 song set on her Where Do We Go world tour

The epic monologue comes as a result of constant sexism, sexualisation and oppression; unavoidable consequences of being female in the music industry.

Billie Eilish kicks off a huge world tour with a statement challenging body shamers, sexism and oppression, proving once again she’s the coolest 18-year-old around.

The theatrical two-minute speech, which can be seen on a fan’s Instagram here, features an instrumental backing whilst the words are projected on the big screen.  However, the most poignant element is undoubtedly watching the star strip off layers of clothes and submerge herself in a black tar-like substance. If that isn’t a symbol of oppression then I don’t know what is.

Her speech is relatable to all women, popstars or not, and draws attention to one of the paradoxes of womanhood; “If what I wear is comfortable, I am not a woman,” she said. “If I shed the layers, I am a slut”. 

Billie revealed she opts for baggy clothes for comfort and to “prevent people from seeing what’s underneath” in the hope her music takes centre stage. Sadly, we’re not quite there yet. Billie is not alien to intense public scrutiny on her body, style and look in an industry that so heavily fixates on sex and physical appearance.

Like her unique sound which fuses a plethora of genres, her attitude to social matters pushes boundaries. The five-time Grammy winner is not afraid to shy away from using her voice to shed light on important political matters. When she’s not challenging media scrutiny of women, she’s using her platform to encourage her young fans to get out and vote. A feminist star and a political icon. She’s pretty much the most “woke” 18 year old about, showing that being influential has no age restriction.

Not happy with Billie’s poetic feminist monologue? No worries. She couldn’t care less about “your stares and disapproval” and actually, neither could we.